Sunday, June 17, 2012

Acupressure therapy is effective in relieving back pain, neck pain and foot pain

Acupressure therapy and back pain cure
Can I cure back pain with acupressure therapy?
My straight forward answer would be yes. It is the natural and very powerful therapy that can cure back pain, slip disc and lower lumbago.
Acupressure mat can cure backpain naturally Many of us suffer from aches like tooth, neck and back pain. Sometimes we find no reason for getting excruciating back pain There can be various reasons to it. I hope nobody is strange to what back pain is all about. It is the pain experienced at the back especially at the spinal cord which will make us hard to move or stand still.

Now what are the reasons for getting it? These are the few reasons that I could list out.
1. Due to age factor it is very possible that our bones get weakened and we get the pain.
2. Getting jerks during travelling or while moving can be one of the reasons.
3. People with overweight will have this problem very frequently.
4. It is also said that it can be hereditary in some cases. If the parents and grandparent suffered this sickness then the later offspring also will undergo this pain.
5. It also can come from the work that we do. If someone is constantly engaged in jobs like lifting, moving heavy materials can very likely to suffer this disease.
Now let us talk about its cure .Can acupressure cure this disease? Can I get instant remedy by practicing acupressure- therapy? My answer is yes. Many of us look for home remedies to cure our daily problems.Back pain could be one of them. When you can cure yourself with this therapy why do you see a doctor? I am not saying that we should not see a physician at all.

By practicing this therapy if one can get relief at the comfort of his home then why not practice it? In many instances one can easily avoid going to a hospital. As I have said in all my posts this therapy can do wonders and has ability to cure almost every diseases. Acupressure therapy guide also says that it can cure cancer. My next post will be on this topic.

Now how do i cure back pain by treating acupressure points? Carefully observe the points on the hand as shown in the picture. The acupressure points for spinal cord originate from the centre of index and thumb finger(marked in red) .Gently press the points as to apply pressure(along the red line). Move up and down. Continue to press the points for about 5 minutes. Kindly do not overdo it. Do this exercise 3-4 times in 24 hours.
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Note: If you are suffering from chronic back pain kindly take the advice of a physician.

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