Saturday, June 19, 2010

Heart Attacks , causes symptoms &diagnosis with acupressure therapy Most of us are aware about heart attack and the heart dieses that are increasing eventually.
The dreaded dieses like cancer and heart attacks have not spared the lives of younger generation either.
Earlier days we used to think that these diseases could prowl during the old age. Not true at all. Even though we have advance technology in the field of medicine, we are not able to have control over these diseases.
What Is a Heart Attack?A heart attack happens when flow of blood to heart muscle is blocked. If the flow of blood is not restored quickly then due to lack of oxygen the muscle begins to die. The moment heart muscle dies then the supply of oxygen through the blood stops and person can die.
This disease is a leading killer in both men and women. Every year so many people suffer from this disease all over the world. Some recover and others die.
Causes for attacks:
The below are the a few causes for heart attacks

Many health experts say that this is a hereditary disease .If the father or mother has this disease then the immediate offspring would suffer such disease.

All of us are undergoing the stress, may it be in working places or in family. Medical Studies have shown that person who is having constant stress in his daily life is more prone to get such attacks than person who is less stressed.

Studies have proved that smoking is injurious to health and the smoker are more likely to suffer an heart attack
Physical Exercise:

Exercise is good for health but it has a limitation over age and the kind of exercise that one suppose to do. We cannot all of a sudden start exercising to hours. There is certain limit that body can take up beyond which our body will react.
Diet and obesity:
People with overweight have shown more signs of such attacks than the thinner people
Saturated fats:

Persons who consume more of red meat or product from animal origin like cheese, butter are more prone to such diseases
Sings of hearth attacks
Let us have a look on the symptoms of dreaded disease.
• Dizziness or fainting fits
• Discomfort following meals, especially if long continued.
• Shortness of breath, after slight exertion.
• Fatigue with out otherwise explained origin.
• Pain or tightness in the chest
• Palpitation
• Breaking out in a cold sweat.
How do you detect Heart attack using Acupressure therapy
Press the point on the left hand side as shown in the figure. If pain is, felt then see the doctor as early as possible .If not then this may not be related with the heart.

The acupressure therapy mentions that giving treatment of two minutes a day on this point is like putting a pace maker in the body.
Suggestion for Reducing cholesterol
• Reduce fat from the diet
• Drink fresh juice of Pomegranate for 15-20 days


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