Saturday, April 17, 2010

Acupressure Potent Points for natural healing

Our body has full of energy .This energy gets discharge when we overwork and charged when we rest .A beautiful mechanism that God has gifted to every human being & the living things .We can compare our body to a rechargeable battery. It is charged and discharged.
If properly, utilized life span of the battery comes better.
A simple example would be this. We have a big house, Equipped with all household items. We live in it.
We have electricity there to brighten up our house when it is dark. Each room is having lights and switches.
Lights do not glow up unless we put the switches on, even though we have electricity there.
This simple example would give you a fair idea as what I am going to talk all about.
acupressure potent points Yes, I am going to talk about the Switches on our body and the activation of these switches so the flow of energy is maintained. That is nothing but An Acupressure therapy.
We are all aware that our body has a defense mechanism; it is capable of curing any disease provided we take right step at right moment with proper diet.
Our body has so many organs; each is having a specific function.
Some organs like Heart are situated on the Left side of the body so there nerve ending (switch for heart) is on the left palm and Right side organs like Liver will have nerve ending on the right side.
Therefore, the point is that both our palms & feet, (right and left) have all the nerve endings so called switches.
As I have told you, a house has good electricity but if one does not put the switches on, then there is darkness, as good as no electricity there.
How do I check if my body switches are on or off? It is simple. When one is sitting idle watching TV or relaxing on a cozy sofa set, just pressure your palm with the help of Thumb. if no pain it is good sign that switch is on, there is no obstruction of flow of energy. If there is pain, we need to activate it by pressing it for a minute or two.
This exercise should not be done soon after the meal at least for an hour. Pressing the hurting points can be done 3-4 times in 24 hours. It should not be done very often as we can damage the points. Just 3-4 times in twenty-four hours is sufficient.

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  1. acupressure is indeed a very effective therapy through which different diseases can be healed and it is a very ancient form of medical treatment.