Monday, December 7, 2009

Health is Wealth

As the technology is progressing, we find solution to every human problem. People have explored their journey to moon and the depths of the oceans have become shallower. We have a technology to reach everywhere and anywhere. The whole world has become a global village. There is no distance place, which is unreachable.
The field of medicine is finding solutions for every disease that emerges. As compared to the olden days, the mortality rate has come down drastically, as there is medicine found for every dreaded disease. There is a solution for every human problem. Field of medicine is at a rapid growth.
However, one common problem that exists is the rising of new diseases, irrespective of whatever progress we are making.
Most of us are suffering from some diseases or the other. Be it a big diseases like heart ailment or small diseases like day-to-day allergies.
Life is getting busier day by day. No time for taking care of once own health. Health complications are growing too. Insurance companies are thriving to make money. Every one wants to insure their family at a minimal or largely.
Yes, we all desire to live a happy and healthy life.
We can take care of ourselves or maintain our body with great spirit. We can build up resistant power within our selves.
Yes, we can do that.
What here I am going to talk to you is an ancient healing method i.e. Acupressure therapy.
This therapy is so simple that one need not have to sit in a quiet place and practice it as we do Yoga or meditation.
This is simple yet, powerful tool, to take care of our health.
This therapy is useful and effective to keep control of problems like head aches, stomach problem, sinus problems.etc.Kindly follow my next blog for the Accupressue therapy.

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  1. I have has sinus since my childhood and nothings had ever helped me and I feel terrible about it. Acupressure seems like a good therapy and I will definitely try it.