Thursday, November 15, 2012

Acupressure therapy-non surgical technique to facelift

Face lift without surgery with acupressure technique. The ancient natural therapies such as acupressure and acupuncture are the most   powerful methods to cure most of the diseases in human being.These methods can be used to bring under control many of the human diseases without the help of the medicines.One such topic I would like to address here is that facelift issues and natural cure with acupressure therapy.Who does not want to look beautiful? I suppose everyone wants to look smart.

What do we do to look young and healthy? I suppose most of us want to undergo a surgery for facelift. Unfortunately all of us can not afford it .They are expensive and are not affordable by common people like you and me. They are really expensive.Coming to the anti-aging and skin care products. Our market has hundreds of them.One product swears better than the other. We are really confused as which one to use. Moreover none of them tell us the side effects that these product have on us.

Do not lose hope we can still look younger without undergoing expensive surgeries and having skin care products which actually damage out naturally glowing skin.If one still wants to look younger do not lose hope there is a solution to this problem.That is nothing but the ancient Chinese acupressure therapy that can do wonders in changing one’s looks i.e. facelift. You need not worry about the high expenses still by learning step by step tutorial you can bring a wonderful change in your face What can this program do for you and me? Facelift without surgery program is a true tutorial that teaches face exercise for men and women who desire to look young naturally without having any drugs. Unlike surgeries this will not cost you much. It is just a price of a dinner or a cup of coffee.This acupressure guide will teach you how to look younger in 30 days by doing simple face exercises that will remove the wrinkles on your face Benefits of the face exercise program illustrated in this book are:You WILL look younger; have less face lines, firmer skin tone, more facial color.Diminish those unsightly eye bags!

You WILL feel and appear less stressed.
You can maintain your facelift for the rest of your life after regaining your looks!
You may have some relief to headaches, migraines, and tension headaches.Your digestion might improve.Certain internal organs may function better e.g. Kidneys, lungs, heart, intestines, liver.
You WILL have conducted your own anti-aging non-surgical facelift!
Why wait then? This will not cost a huge sum for you. If you want to regain good health with facelift then you are at the right place .Buy the guide and learn the secrete as how to

facelift naturally with acupressure therapy and look younger  

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Acupressure therapy is effective in relieving back pain, neck pain and foot pain

Acupressure therapy and back pain cure
Can I cure back pain with acupressure therapy?
My straight forward answer would be yes. It is the natural and very powerful therapy that can cure back pain, slip disc and lower lumbago.
Acupressure mat can cure backpain naturally Many of us suffer from aches like tooth, neck and back pain. Sometimes we find no reason for getting excruciating back pain There can be various reasons to it. I hope nobody is strange to what back pain is all about. It is the pain experienced at the back especially at the spinal cord which will make us hard to move or stand still.

Now what are the reasons for getting it? These are the few reasons that I could list out.
1. Due to age factor it is very possible that our bones get weakened and we get the pain.
2. Getting jerks during travelling or while moving can be one of the reasons.
3. People with overweight will have this problem very frequently.
4. It is also said that it can be hereditary in some cases. If the parents and grandparent suffered this sickness then the later offspring also will undergo this pain.
5. It also can come from the work that we do. If someone is constantly engaged in jobs like lifting, moving heavy materials can very likely to suffer this disease.
Now let us talk about its cure .Can acupressure cure this disease? Can I get instant remedy by practicing acupressure- therapy? My answer is yes. Many of us look for home remedies to cure our daily problems.Back pain could be one of them. When you can cure yourself with this therapy why do you see a doctor? I am not saying that we should not see a physician at all.

By practicing this therapy if one can get relief at the comfort of his home then why not practice it? In many instances one can easily avoid going to a hospital. As I have said in all my posts this therapy can do wonders and has ability to cure almost every diseases. Acupressure therapy guide also says that it can cure cancer. My next post will be on this topic.

Now how do i cure back pain by treating acupressure points? Carefully observe the points on the hand as shown in the picture. The acupressure points for spinal cord originate from the centre of index and thumb finger(marked in red) .Gently press the points as to apply pressure(along the red line). Move up and down. Continue to press the points for about 5 minutes. Kindly do not overdo it. Do this exercise 3-4 times in 24 hours.
If you to want cure yourself without going to a doctor, you can buy a guide from Amazon stores at a reasonable price: This is a safe, authentic and well renowned online store to buy from. Click below
Note: If you are suffering from chronic back pain kindly take the advice of a physician.

I have found an interesting healing mat called acupressure mat for healing of back pain, headache and  neck pain
Product Features
1.Acupressure mat has 6,210 acupressure points for   immediate back pain relief
2.Neck pillow has 1,782 acupressure points
3.Back pain relief, neck pain relief, say goodbye to stress, headaches and insomnia with Nayoya acupressure mat set
4.Improve circulation, sleep, digestion, and quality of life by using the acupressure mat
Lay down on the mat slowly and gently while spreading your body weight across it. Place the neck pillow under your neck and slowly lay against it.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Techniques to cure sinus problems with acupressure treatment.

Acupressure therapy is the best substitute for drugs. Most of us suffer from sinus problems like cold, flu and running nose. We definitely do not look for home remedies when we are sick. Immediately we try to see a doctor. We take prescription from a physician and get well temporarily. How do you react if you suffer from same sickness daily and swallow pills every day? Yes we all know it will be really frustrating. Then why don’t we look for alternative do medicine. Most of us may not be well aware of the ancestral practices.

In olden days people had no access to hospitals. They did not exist at all. All they could do to cure themselves was to practice home remedy treatment. Among them are acupressure and acupuncture therapies.

Now I am not well versed with acupuncture but definitely have more to say on acupressure therapy. This healing method is all about activating the organ end points located on the palms and feet by giving pressure on them intermittently for 2-3 minutes 2-3 times a day. This can do really wonders .I am stressing on this point because I myself read and practice it and find a lot of difference
Coming to the main point that how can we cure or bring under control sinus problems with this therapy? To cure the problem we need to look for the points. We need to activate or press the points intermittently .Look at the diagram carefully and apply pressure on the points for 2-3 minutes. Press the point with thumb finger for 30sec seconds and shift it to the next finger.

Note you might experience pain. This is normal. Pain in the point means the organ is not functioning properly. Do not over do this exercise .it should be done for 2-3minuts and 2-3 times a day. Over doing may cause damage to the organs. Please do not expect much change when you do it for the first time. At least repeat it 2-3 times and see the effect.
You can find information on acupressure therapy on this below link. This will take you to amazon store from which you can download instantly after paying a reasonable amount($14.5):
Acupressure's Potent Points: A Guide to Self-Care for Common Ailments

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pregnancy miracle-Cure infertility

Infertility issues are becoming common these days.Infertilty cannot be only attributed to women. There is also an infertility among men too. There can be various factors affecting this disease.
Among women infertility mean problems in ovulation. If no proper ovulation, formation of egg will not form. This causes infertility. Irregular periods are the signs of problems in ovulation.
This also can be attributed to age. As women grow old the chances of egg formation will get reduced. Some women get pregnant but still the miscarriage happens? This also is a sign of infertility.
In men if the quality of the sperm is poor or the sperm count is low, this also can be called as infertility.
My point is that how you tackle this issue? Can this be curable among men and women naturally? Is there any alternative method without taking drugs?
Yes there is. Now you can learn these Infertility cure secrets from a nutritionist, Chinese medicine researcher and a former sufferer who knows from real-world experience exactly how it's done. Click the link below to read this book.
Cure infertility naturally without drugs!

Acupressure points-Natural ways to induce labor

Auprcessure points help in inducing labor naturally without harming your baby.
Due to advancement in medical field there are so many tests and predictions that doctor will give to pregnant women. From the time of conception, doctors will calculate the due date for the delivery. Delivery cannot be predicted at one particular day .Doctor will give a few days time or a week. No one can predict the exact due date for delivery. In most of the women the delivery will be a Cesarean and it will not be normal.
In final stages of pregnancy, the carrying mothers will have a lot of tiredness, fatigue, sleepless nights and want to see a baby soon. These are the most anxious moments in women’s life till you see your baby out of your womb and hold it on your hands
Now how to overcome these anxious moments and deliver your baby by activating the acupressure points. Doctors will give you a lot of advises. You will have to get admitted in the hospital for a few days. You spent quite a bit on it. Moreover your are worried and anxious. Yes there is a solution to this.
There is also an alternative method called Maternity acupressure therapy to induce labor.
What will this simple yet powerful therapy do for you? It has been proved with several studies that medical labor induction can be avoided (taking pills and injection).Activating the acupressure point will help the cervix dilate, speed up slow early labor, help your baby descend and stimulate labor contractions.
This guide will not cost you much. This is a very easy guide to follow and practice for the carrying moms.
You can easily download the e-book instantly on your pc .Please click below the hyperlink for instant download
Maternity acupressure points-natural ways to induce labor!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Heart Attacks , causes symptoms &diagnosis with acupressure therapy Most of us are aware about heart attack and the heart dieses that are increasing eventually.
The dreaded dieses like cancer and heart attacks have not spared the lives of younger generation either.
Earlier days we used to think that these diseases could prowl during the old age. Not true at all. Even though we have advance technology in the field of medicine, we are not able to have control over these diseases.
What Is a Heart Attack?A heart attack happens when flow of blood to heart muscle is blocked. If the flow of blood is not restored quickly then due to lack of oxygen the muscle begins to die. The moment heart muscle dies then the supply of oxygen through the blood stops and person can die.
This disease is a leading killer in both men and women. Every year so many people suffer from this disease all over the world. Some recover and others die.
Causes for attacks:
The below are the a few causes for heart attacks

Many health experts say that this is a hereditary disease .If the father or mother has this disease then the immediate offspring would suffer such disease.

All of us are undergoing the stress, may it be in working places or in family. Medical Studies have shown that person who is having constant stress in his daily life is more prone to get such attacks than person who is less stressed.

Studies have proved that smoking is injurious to health and the smoker are more likely to suffer an heart attack
Physical Exercise:

Exercise is good for health but it has a limitation over age and the kind of exercise that one suppose to do. We cannot all of a sudden start exercising to hours. There is certain limit that body can take up beyond which our body will react.
Diet and obesity:
People with overweight have shown more signs of such attacks than the thinner people
Saturated fats:

Persons who consume more of red meat or product from animal origin like cheese, butter are more prone to such diseases
Sings of hearth attacks
Let us have a look on the symptoms of dreaded disease.
• Dizziness or fainting fits
• Discomfort following meals, especially if long continued.
• Shortness of breath, after slight exertion.
• Fatigue with out otherwise explained origin.
• Pain or tightness in the chest
• Palpitation
• Breaking out in a cold sweat.
How do you detect Heart attack using Acupressure therapy
Press the point on the left hand side as shown in the figure. If pain is, felt then see the doctor as early as possible .If not then this may not be related with the heart.

The acupressure therapy mentions that giving treatment of two minutes a day on this point is like putting a pace maker in the body.
Suggestion for Reducing cholesterol
• Reduce fat from the diet
• Drink fresh juice of Pomegranate for 15-20 days

Friday, May 28, 2010

Treatment for Increasing Haemoglobin:

This method I have tried on myself when I had less haemoglobin content level in my blood .I am not a doctor but by reading this book I myself practice a few things daily and this is one of the therapy mentioned in the book for those suffering from low haemoglobin content.

Take black dried raisins as may be required daily. Soak them in half a cup of water overnight/ eat these black raisins as mentioned below and drink the water.
Raisins in Indian language are called as “kishmish”
Raisins are nothing but dried grapes. There are two types of raisins available, type-1 black in color and type-2 yellowish in color. The processes of drying of both differs but the nutritional facts remain almost the same.

Days Morning Afternoon Evening
1st day 1 1 1
2nd day 2 2 2
3rd day 3 3 3

4th day 4 4 4

5th day 4 4 4

6th day 4 4 4

7th day 3 3 3

8th day 2 2 2

9th day 1 1 1

Please check the hemoglobin level of the blood and if necessary repeat the same as from day-1 until the hemoglobin is reaches the satisfactory levels.